Terms and Conditions for Electronic Document Delivery

In this document the terms “you” and “your” refer to the owner(s) of the investment account(s) or the person(s) authorized to manage the investment account(s).

“We”, “our” and “us” refer to Scotia Capital Inc. which includes our business divisions ScotiaMcLeod®, Scotia iTRADE® and Scotia iTRADE®.

The following terms and conditions apply to your selection of the electronic delivery of documents (“Scotia® eDocuments”) and to the type of documents you would like to receive electronically instead of by mail for your account(s) with us.

When you check the “I agree to the terms for electronic document delivery” section and click on the “submit” button below that means you have read, understood and consent to the electronic delivery of documents in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Setting up Scotia eDocuments
Signing up for Scotia eDocuments is a two-step process: (i) you need to provide your consent to the electronic delivery of documents by agreeing to the following terms and conditions; and (ii) you need to select which documents you would like to receive electronically. For accounts at ScotiaMcLeod and Scotia iTRADE, Scotia eDocuments will be available on Scotia OnLine®. For accounts at Scotia iTRADE, Scotia eDocuments will be available on the Scotia iTRADE website until further notice. References hereinafter to the “Scotia Website” shall mean, in the case of accounts at ScotiaMcLeod and Scotia iTRADE, Scotia OnLine, and in the case of accounts at Scotia iTRADE, the Scotia iTRADE website until further notice.

Selecting Documents for Scotia eDocuments
We will provide you with a list of documents that are available electronically for your account(s) with us on the Scotia Website. On the Scotia Website you will be able to select either paper or paperless documents for certain document types for your account(s). By selecting paperless documents you consent to the electronic delivery of such documents and understand and agree that you will no longer receive such documents by mail.

The documents that are available in paperless form can change at any time. As new document types become available we may ask if you want to receive that particular document type electronically as a paperless document instead of a paper document.

Changing your Delivery Method
You can change from electronic paperless documents to paper documents for any of your account(s) at any time by changing your document preferences on the Scotia Website, although it may take up to 30 days for your change(s) to take effect.

Adding or Changing the Terms of this Document
We can add or change the terms and conditions of this document from time to time. Notice of additional or amended terms and conditions may be given to you in writing, including in any of the following ways:

  • A notice mailed to you at your last address in our records;
  • A notice on the Scotiabank website;
  • A notice emailed to you at your last email address in our records;
  • A notice posted on Scotia OnLine;
  • A notice sent to you through Scotia OnLine Message Centre; or
  • For Scotia iTRADE clients, a notice on the Scotia iTRADE website

You agree to be bound by any future changes we make to this document.

Receiving and Maintaining Paperless Documents
If you choose to receive paperless documents, the document(s) will be posted and made available to you on the Scotia Website. We will notify you when documents are available by posting a document notice to you on the Scotia Website.

You are solely responsible for verifying the Scotia Website regularly for receipt of new documents. While official notification of new documents occurs on the Scotia Website, an e-mail reminder service may be available to you. E-mail reminder services are optional and do not constitute an official notification by us. We will not monitor or action any returned or rejected e-mails and we will not be responsible for lost or undeliverable e-mails. You are responsible for ensuring that any e-mail address you give us is accurate and up-to-date.

You will inform us of any changes in your contact information including changes to your brokerage e-mail address by completing the “Profile and Preferences” section on the Scotia Website.

Documents delivered through Scotia eDocuments will be available on the Scotia Website for a minimum of 30 months while your account is open and active. If you wish to preserve a permanent copy of such documents, you should save it in your computer or print a paper copy. Other documents, such as regulated sales disclosure documents and statement insert disclosures will be replaced as newer versions become available.

You agree to review your account statement(s) within 30 days of our sending them to you electronically and you will inform us in writing of any errors or omissions in your account(s) within 60 days of the date of the statement. If you do not report any errors or omissions to us within this 60 day period you will be deemed to have conclusively agreed to the contents of the statement and you agree that you will have no claim against us for reimbursement relating to an entry even if the instruction charged to your account was forged, unauthorized or fraudulent.

Technical Requirements
You confirm that you have a computer with a secure internet browser capable of accessing the Scotia Website (the Scotia Website currently requires 128-bit encryption). You also confirm you are capable of viewing documents in PDF format. No other special software is required to access, view or print these documents however, the technical requirements to access or view electronic documents may change. If you cease to have Internet and Scotia Website access, or can no longer access, view or print documents online, you agree to notify us immediately so that we can change your document delivery preferences.

You should contact us if you are not able to access the Scotia Website or retrieve electronic paperless documents on your computer.

Scotia iTRADE




Scotia iTRADE


While we strive to make the Scotia Website accessible at all times, it is possible that either the Scotia Website and/or electronic paperless documents can become temporarily unavailable, and you understand and agree that we are not liable for any losses or damages to you resulting from paperless documents being unavailable.

General Provisions
Even if you select Scotia eDocuments we can send you paper documents from time to time. This may occur in situations where for technical, regulatory or other reasons paperless versions of the document cannot be produced or provided to you.

If you live in Québec, you have expressly requested that this document and all notices relating to it be in English. Au Québec, les parties conviennent et exigent expressément que ce document ainsi que tous avis émis en vertu de celui-ci ou y rattachant soient rédigés en anglais.

If you are a customer of Scotia iTRADE, please note that Scotia eDocuments for your account(s) at Scotia iTRADE will be moved from the Scotia iTRADE website to Scotia OnLine in future. We will notify you once this has occurred and electronic documents for your account(s) at Scotia iTRADE are available on Scotia OnLine. At that time, any document selections and preferences that you have made via the Scotia iTRADE website will automatically be transferred to Scotia OnLine unless you otherwise notify us in writing (or via Scotia OnLine, once available). If you have any questions or if you are not able to access or retrieve your electronic paperless documents for your account(s) at Scotia iTRADE on your computer, you should contact a Scotia iTRADE customer service representative at service@scotiaitrade.com or 1-888-872-3388.

 ® Registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under license.